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Botulinum Toxin

Daily facial expressions such as smiling, laughing, frowning are a natural part of life; Unfortunately, this can lead to wrinkles and fine lines, especially around the eyes and mouth. These characteristics can make you look older, more tired or less healthy than you really feel. Botox is an effective, non-invasive treatment option that can correct these signs of aging and help you feel like yourself again.

Dr. Alexandrish Karvendrish is dedicated to providing clients in the Dominican Republic area with a comfortable place to receive effective cosmetic treatment. If you would like more information about our practice or are interested in scheduling a consultation, contact our office today.

What Can Botulinum Toxin Be Used to Treat?

Botulinum toxin, also called botox is best known for its success in the treatment of dynamic wrinkles or wrinkles caused by repetitive facial movements.

Some of the most popular dynamic wrinkles that patients seek treatment for include:

  • Crow’s feet.
  • Expression lines.
  • The horizontal lines of the forehead.
  • Lines of concern.
  • Necklines.

In addition to treating dynamic wrinkles, Botox can also be used to cure migraines, excessive sweating, and eye and neck muscles spasms.


Request a consultation with Dr. Karvendrish to learn what makes her unique among Dominican Republic plastic surgeons.

How Does Botulinum Toxin Work?

Botulinum Toxin corrects dynamic wrinkles by addressing its source: muscle movement. This injectable is formulated with a highly purified protein that temporarily relaxes the muscles, allowing the wrinkles above them to temporarily smooth and smooth.

What Can I Expect From a Botulinum Cosmetic Treatment?

Although the Botulinum toxin Cosmetic treatments are a bit uncomfortable, they usually take no more than 20 minutes to complete. Once the treatment is finished, patients can receive back to their daily routine. There is no downtime and no postoperative care – it’s that easy!

Like any cosmetic treatment, it is possible that patients may experience some mild side effects after treatment. These include:

  • Eruption.
  • Itch.
  • Neck or back pain.
  • Muscular stiffness.
  • Swelling.
  • Bruises.

Because the results of this treatment usually last no longer than six months, repeated injections are necessary to sustain the changes.

Interested in undergoing a Botox treatment in the Dominican Republic? Contact Dr. Alexandrish Karvendrish TODAY to schedule a consultation.


Request a consultation with Dr. Karvendrish to learn what makes her unique among Dominican Republic plastic surgeons.

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Alexandrish Karvendrish

Dr. Alexandrish Karvendrish Rodríguez Tavárez, specialized in Plastic Surgery, was trained at the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in 2008, obtaining the title of Doctor of Medicine with honor Magna Cum Laude, in the same year she started her Law internship, at the Health Center of Santo Domingo, ending in 2009, when she decides to leave to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to continue her academic and professional preparation. She was trained in General Surgery at the Santa Casa da Misericordia Hospital in Rio de Janeiro – 17th school, with a duration of 3 years, in 2013 she started her Postgraduate in Aesthetic Medicine at the Souza Marques Technical-Educational Foundation with an approach specially directed to cosmetic procedures during one year and in 2014 she started her Postgraduate in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, at the prestigious Postgraduate Service in Plastic Surgery Professor Ronaldo Pontes at the Niterói D’or Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, where she stood out for her commitment, ability, respect and exceptional attention with everyone.

During the 7 years she lived in Brazil, she took several courses and attended both national and international conferences, perfecting her knowledge in the field of Plastic Surgery. She is a member of the Dominican Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (SODOCIPRE), Ibero-Latin American Federation of Plastic Surgery (FILACP), Dominican Medical College (CMD) and Brazilian Society of Laser in Medicine and Surgery (SBLMC).

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Why Choose Us?

Natural Results
Women and men who choose Dr. Karvendrish  get results that are at the same time natural and dramatic. If you look at our before and after photos, you’ll see a significant and dramatic improvement in the patient’s appearance. However, if you ran into this man or woman on the street, chances are you’d never suspect that they’d had plastic surgery because their look is extremely natural. This is because Dr. Karvendrish  uses innovative techniques to minimize visible scarring and tissue trauma while enhancing the contours of the Face and Body. This also allows her patients to enjoy a shorter, more comfortable recovery.
Uncommon Dedication
Dr. Karvendrish and her staff are dedicated to the complete care and total satisfaction of each and every one of their patients. She personally calls every patient on the night of her procedure, and each patient is given Dr. Karvendrish’s personal home and cell phone number. Dr. Karvendrish and her staff are always available to answer questions and address concerns, no matter how large or small. Her patients tend to be thrilled with their care and results, which may explain why out of town patients travel great distances for plastic surgery with Dr. Karvendrish. 
Surgical Artistry
Your beauty emanates from within, but from a physical standpoint, the body is the focal point of beauty. The body is also where a plastic surgeon’s artistry really shines through. Dr. Karvendrish has always had an innate artistic ability that is rare in the medical field.  A look through our photo gallery is all it takes to see that Dr. Karvendrish is a true artist in the field of  plastic surgery. 
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Our Facilities

In order to offer the general public the availability of the best facilities and plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic, Cecilip, Specialized Center in Plastic Surgery and Liposculpture, inaugurated renewal facilities located in the Arroyo Hondo sector. Where Dr. Alexandrish Karvendrish has her office to provide a state of art service with natural results.

Happy Patients


Breast Lift with Implants

I just have to said, the best professional I’ve ever met. I got a breast lift with implants, tummy tuck and a little liposuction, the result were amazing.I look pretty natural, I can’t even tell about the scars.I’m pretty happy with my result, after 3 month now, I look better and better every day.I recommend Dr. Karvendrish 100%. Before the procedures, she made sure I was able to get them and explained to me carefully all the risks and time of recovery that was necessary to follow. After the surgery, she kept follow up my recovery until I was 100% recovered. Dr. Karvendrish is a great person, with a big heart, kind and lovely I’m more than glad and happy to have chosen her.

Slim Monti
Mommy Makeover

I had a Mommy Makeover 4 months ago, and each day my results are becoming more beautiful. Dr. Alexandrish is an amazing surgeon and her aftercare goes above and beyond. Choosing her was the best decision of my life! When I look in the mirror I get so happy because I can’t believe how amazing my body looks.

I highly recommend her! Not only does she deliver amazing results, but her patients safety comes first. I knew from the moment we first spoke how serious she is when it comes to health and safety–which means a lot. She is a Doctor that truly cares and won’t do anything to jeopardize your life.

Thank you Doctor for everything. To all future Dolls; if you choose Dr. Alexandrish you won’t regret it and I wish you all the very best.

Maria N
Mommy Makeover

It has been a pleasant experience to have met Dr. Alexandrish Karvendrish. Apart from being a doctor (an excellent doctor, by the way), her human qualities make you feel secured and cared for. I had my surgery about a month ago, and I am incredibly amazed with the results. My body looks just how I imagined it, and everyday looks even better. It makes me feel so good to look at myself in the mirror. She helped me recover and raise my self-esteem. I am very grateful for the treatment and care that she gave me. I recommend her with my eyes closed!

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