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robust in a sentence

Whether they expanded at the expense of weak aboriginal tribes or were conquered by more robust invaders, Chinese civilization prevailed and assimilated alike the conquered and the conquerors. Mid 16th century from Latin robustus ‘firm and hard’, from robus, earlier form of robur ‘oak, strength’. Real seaside jolliness is not self consciously artful, it has a robust vulgarity and is often tawdry. Hip-hop music is sometimes criticized for its robust depiction of violence. Synonyms for robust include resilient, durable, strong, sturdy, tough, bulletproof, strongly made, well made, hard-wearing and long-lasting. The thin pipes didn't look strong enough to … The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. robustly adverb. The variety disticha, which is quite distinct from the type, is more robust, its leaves broader, and flower-tube shorter; two or three heads of bright deep yellow flowers are borne on the same stem in August. It is not quite as robust as an Apple iPod, but it gets the job done. FragileWarrior wrote: " wrote in oups.com: We have a robust gourd vine that is putting out a nice sized dipper gourd. These safeguards measures should facilitate robust peaceful nuclear cooperation. An example of robust is strong coffee. Wooden earring trees are quite robust and are ideal for young children. Strauss as the typical "Philistine of culture"; his revolt against the fashion of pessimism to demand a new and more robust affirmation of life, not merely although, but because, it is painful. The composition of the soil is more robust and open to better air circulation. At a time when much speaking has depressed, has almost exterminated eloquence, he maintained that robust, powerful and vigorous style in which he gave fitting expression to the burning and noble thoughts he desired to utter.". The game is really two games in one, as it includes a single player adventure styled in the classic Metroid flavor, but it also has an extremely robust multiplayer mode that utilizes Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection service. Fast processors, large amounts of memory and robust graphic cards are three features too look for in a gaming computer. Model-based linkage disequilibrium unit (LDU) maps appear robust to marker density and consistently influenced by marker allele frequency. manual sphygmomanometer with an easy to read liquid crystal display Very robust User adjustable deflation using thumb wheel. 151 In Iraq, for example, we have developed an extensively robust program of a juvenile education center working with the Iraqi government. So not only can you play Bounce Out online from your browser, you can get a more robust version to download and play whenever you like! His many interests ended by wearing out even his robust constitution, and he died at Paris on the 10th of November 1905. The extent and quality of available data and information will improve in future cycles making later assessments more comprehensive and robust. As regards the plants themselves, all but those of proved vigour and hardiness have been rejected; in fact, so robust are many of those here enumerated as to have reached the thickness of an old Vine stem. Previous studies have reported, but not explained, the reason for a robust association between reading achievement and antisocial behavior. The climate, though moist, is healthy, and the people are generally tall and robust. Use these examples and create a robust business plan that includes all the components investors need to assess a new company as well as the information established businesses need to continue their success. Examples of Strong in a sentence. The gardener aims usually at producing stout, robust, short-jointed stems, instead of long lanky growths defective in woody tissue. His Protestantism was robust enough; he did not mind recommending that a priest "might be put to some torment" (Hatfield MSS. The Funnel is very robust, being made from high quality stainless steel and has a polished exterior and a satin finished interior. – … The robust outer casing is designed to cope with heavy usage even in public places. Robust sentence examples. A dual mode phone combines both technologies and is good for people traveling to locales that may not have robust digital networks in place. This deluxe version of Travel Scrabble offers players a compact and robust Scrabble game which is ideal for journeys, holidays etc. Hip-hop music is sometimes criticized for its robust depiction of violence. Among prose writers the leading contemporary names are Svobodova, apek, a robust realist, and Sramek, who has also met with success as a dramatist. It may not be quite as powerful or robust as the more modern applications available on newer devices, but they can still get the job done for the average user. In the pursuit of pure science for its own sake, undisturbed by sordid considerations, he shone as a beacon light to younger men - an exemplar of simple tastes, robust nature and lofty aspirations. Hydroponic systems are a great way to produce healthy, robust plants for any purpose. A lower-cut spankie may not ever go over the skirt waistband - but more robust and curvy cheerleaders may find that the cut of these don't flatter their bodies very well. There are many smaller companies such as ServInt that are actually just as reliable and robust as the big names, but they simply can't spend as much in advertising. 338. Critical systems thinking is a robust recent trend in humanistically oriented systems work. Not to be outdone by Keith 's robust defense of war, Andrew tackled another sacred cow, human rights. He had never been of a robust constitution, and after a little more than a week's illness from pneumonia following influenza, duke of he died at Sandringham. Alstromeria Pelegrina - Not so tall or robust as the last; but the flowers are larger, whitish, and beautifully streaked, and veined with purple. If a bracelet is to be worn everyday then it is important to pick a bracelet that is robust enough for everyday wear. The device consists of a pressurized aluminum container, housed in a robust plastic discharging. Genetic algorithms are robust search algorithms capable of finding multiple solutions to complex problems. Find more ways to say robust, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. major is a robust form with leaves 1-4 in. A mother cat will wave her tail when her kittens are getting too robust, warning them that she does not want to play. Puritan's Pride has been in business over 50 years and today sells vitamins, supplements, herbs and more through mail order catalogs and a robust website. The docile, yet robust and hardy peasants, under their foreign leaders, gained an unbroken series of successes in the first Syrian. Tiger prawns and grilled squid with red peppers was a more robust dish, the squid was the best I 've had for ages. The Palm Treo line, which certainly robust, did not have the same kind of appeal as alternatives like the BlackBerry. sheer heaven, especially when rounded off with a robust onion gravy and served with fresh seasonal vegetables - carrots and broccoli are ideal. Another word for robust. He was strong and ready for every duty. Such a robust level of income from independent sources might seem to put international organizations in a strong - if not enviable - position. Robust meaning and example sentences with robust. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. (10) He was too robust, he had been too successful. It is also more robust in form than the others, its general aspect being more that of a fox than a weasel; in fact its usual name among the American hunters is "black fox.". The robust list of example sentences with robust. This was carried out in a simple, robust, modern manner to reflect the treatment of the retained facades. Find more ways to say robust, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. These robust bags stand up to even the most stressful maneuvers, and are built with details that secure the laptop and prevent it from suffering damage. . It seems that opinions may be formed of inquiry and study alone, which are then constructive; but where intuitive perception or the perceptive imagination is a robust possession, the fruits of research become assimilative - the food of a divining faculty which needs more or less of it according to the power of divination. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. A dark, robust colored red wine best served chilled. Their robust nature means that they are able to withstand the knocks and bumps which items worn on the wrist often receive. Many Pug owners can't resist dressing up these adorable little dogs, but finding clothes tailored to fit the Pug's robust frame can be a bit of a challenge. Examples of robust growth in a sentence, how to use it. 2. Each time, he sprayed the sunflower crossbreeds and backcrossed the most robust specimens with the original cultivated parent plants. It was one of the highlights of the town's robust Fourth of July celebration. Robust composite herbs with striking foliage, for the back of herbaceous or shrubbery borders. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. In order to be a fireman, one needs to be robust because fighting fires is a very difficult job. When war broke out again in 1793 he was appointed to the "Robust" (74), in which he took part in the occupation of Toulon by lord Hood. As a result, in many cases RIAs have not offered a robust challenge to proposals to regulate. Of robust frame and distinguished appearance, he possessed great courage and military capacity. All this will be achieved through a cost-effective, scientifically robust and universally applicable system. In fact, not only do they exist, they are actually very robust, fun, and effective. The guidance sets out that Local Authorities should undertake robust assessments of the needs of local communities for open space. The fly visual system will be described as a simple but robust and efficient example of visuomotor coordination, before considering vision in primates. Bangs took a more robust attitude to his own, somewhat lower rent pantheon of The Stooges,? , The robust athlete quickly recovered after his knee surgery. d : capable of performing without failure under a wide range of conditions robust software. Quite well, robust. Robust health and desk for just Sunday mirror sport. A strong, robust defense is seen not to deter aggression, but to provoke it. Seems robust and end-cap feels as tho it will remain tight fit for a goodly time. A Pit Bike is a small but robust off road dirt bike. Bass sounds are robust too, thanks to two woofer units at the base of the screen. From the impression stamped on his remains, and from the testimony of his countrymen, we think of him as a man of a robust, sagacious and cheerful nature (Hor. Focused personnel, and financially robust â Esprit People is a unique combination. Robust definition is - having or exhibiting strength or vigorous health. Provost Robertson belonged to the Clan Donachie, and by this marriage the robust and business-like qualities of the Lowlander were blended with the poetic imagination, the sensibility and fire of the Gael. Thus the liability to tubercular infection is far commoner in the midst of a depraved population than in one fulfilling the primary laws of nature; rickets is a disease of great cities rather than of rural districts; and syphilis is more disastrous and protracted in its course in the depraved in health than in the robust. In very sheltered, stable areas more robust flowering plants can occur such as, rock-rose, small scabious, bloody crane's-bill and marjoram. The book is durable, robust and tested to the most vigorous of European and British safety standards. Typically, Burchell's zebra, or the bonte-quagga (Equus burchelli), is a rather larger and more robust animal, with FIG. Pink combination padlock - for extra security use this robust, easy to change combination padlock to secure your luggage. This program features coffee in blends such as Smooth, Bold, Rich and Robust Decaf. An example of robust is a winning race horse. The technology seems robust enough to allow for a multiplicity of pedagogical options. Some of the more delicate designs may be better suited to indoor use, while more robust globes may make great outdoor candle lanterns. Antibiotic rationale The relative infrequency of the condition means that robust clinical data are not available to guide treatment choices. The robust athlete quickly recovered after his knee surgery. The roast saddle of venison was very good, full of flavor with a robust confit of red cabbage. The prevailing colour of the most admired varieties of the canary is yellow, approaching in some cases to orange, and in others to white; while the most robust birds are those which, in the dusky green of the upper surface of their plumage, show a distinct approach to the wild forms. Koreans suffer from malaria, but Europeans and their children are fairly free from climatic maladies, and enjoy robust health. Japanese Guelder Rose (Viburnum Plicatum) - A very sturdy, robust, flowering shrub. If it is a risky matter to plant out the robust young fry of trout under an age of three months, it would seem to be an infinitely more speculative proceeding to plant out the delicate week-old larvae of sea-fishes in an environment which teems with predaceous enemies. c : strongly formed or constructed : sturdy a robust plastic. 110. Soil can be easily amended, and a rich soil leads to healthy, robust vegetables. Use robust to describe a person or thing that is healthy and strong, or strongly built. Genetic Algorithms are robust search algorithms capable of finding multiple solutions to complex problems. robust in a sentence - Use "robust" in a sentence 1. The wire artist will use the twists and turns in the wire as a design feature and the finished result can either by light and airy or more dense and robust. A more robust grasshopper manages the feat in 30 thousandths of a second.. Labour says it has a “robust system to prevent fraudulent or malicious applications”. To secure a good display of flower, however, the best time to sow is in August, and the soil should be a light one, where the seed can germinate freely, and where the plants will not become too robust before winter sets in. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! Are there any reasons beyond ' lack of robust data ' why so many different kinds of drug-related harm are excluded from the model? As a result, in many cases rias have not offered a robust challenge to proposals to regulate. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "robust" Hip-hop music is sometimes criticized for its robust depiction of violenceAmerica's economy was quite robust in the years following World War Two. How to use robust in a sentence. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The most robust will not require a stake higher than 4 feet. All Rights Reserved. Nymphaea Alba Arethusa - A plant of strong growth and very free, coming near Laydekeri fulgens in its bright crimson color, but larger in flower and more robust. But where the Arkle can be formal and rather stifling, the Brasserie has a more relaxed, robust and approachable character. Even though the tool is quite robust, the interface is very simple and straightforward. 179. Very robust and reliable and particularly appropriate in external prestige environments. Security, he added, will be “robust” in the area for the Pan Am Games. Robust health and beauty can also skew birth order expectations. T he development of a new and robust liquid crystalline medium for the measurement of residual dipolar couplings. - Pollennumerous or a more robust offspring, or one of anOrchid, better able to adapt itself to the varying masses with their caudicles conditions under which it has to live. (4) He seemed robust; he ate vigorously. For special treatment towards the regeneration of an infected race, the most robust worms were to be selected, and the moths issuing from the cocoons were to be coupled in numbered cells, where the female was to be confined till she deposited her eggs. Intense application during early youth had weakened a constitution never robust, and led to accesses of feverish exaltation culminating, in the spring of 1761, in an attack of bilious hypochondria, which permanently lowered the tone of his nervous system. Because it is such a robust web design program, Microsoft FrontPage resources tutorials are a necessary part of any web designer's toolkit. This red-haired man was neither a sergeant nor a corporal, but being robust he ordered about those weaker than himself. , Unfortunately my grandfather is not robust and will more than likely die in a few weeks. The peach-coloured decor provides a pleasant setting for healthy cooking that 's low on oil but remarkably robust. Certain it is that there is much in his utterances for a less robust democracy than his own to cavil at.'. No words were exchanged until much later, after our naked and robust greeting. Tonally, the Victorian organs are robust, with at least two complete manual choruses and mainly quint mixtures. robust enough to resist the heavy point load of exercise machines together with regular pounding produced. constrained least-squares and robust (maximum likelihood) non-linear fitting is available with either sinusoid or damped sinusoid models. robust defense of war, Andrew tackled another sacred cow, human rights. Adjustments in nutrients or soil pH can give your lawn the competitive edge for robust growth. Order a traditional robust meal of pasta with meatballs or lasagna or try something more elaborate such as a veal or seafood dish. And nearly all of the chains have announced robust expansion plans. Become familiar with the meaning of Robust and then increase your comprehension by reading the word Robust in a sentence. The animal vigour and carnal enjoyment of Rubens, the refined Italianizing beauty of Vandyck, the mystery of light and gloom on Rembrandt's panels, the love of nature in Ruysdael, Cuyp and Van Hooghe, with their luminously misty skies, silvery daylight and broad expanse of landscape, the interest in common life displayed by Ter Borch, Van Steen, Douw, Ostade and Teniers, the instinct for the beauty of animals in Potter, the vast sea spaces of Vanderveldt, the grasp on reality, the acute intuition into character in portraits, the scientific study of the world and man, the robust sympathy with natural appetites, which distinguish the whole art of the Low Countries, are a direct emanation from the Renaissance. Breweri, an elegant new annual, more robust, and with red flowers of a deeper, richer color than E. grandiflorum. robust in a sentence - Use "robust" in a sentence 1. Scions from a tree which is weakly, or liable to injury by frosts, are strengthened by engrafting on robust stocks. He must have been a fine specimen of the more cultured Puritans - possessed of a robust common-sense in admirable contrast with some of his contemporaries. At the same time, new Latin dances blending the cultural styles have generated a strong and robust movement vocabulary. 159. Another word for more robust. Many families in China have not reaped the full benefit of the robust economy. 1 a : having or exhibiting strength or vigorous health. We recently created a Facebook Fan application so we can highlight our new widgets and create a robust Facebook profile for ExerciseTV. and water (11 oz.) use "robust" in a sentence America's economy was quite robust in the years following World War Two. Although you can consider the top music download sites where you can get your tunes directly, the Bit Torrent protocol is much more robust and can result in much faster and more efficient downloads. strong. (0) The definition of robust is a strong and healthy person or animal, something rich and full of flavor or an activity that requires someone strong and healthy to complete. For Web Designers Zen Cart™ gives web designers a robust and customizable electronic storefront that's easy to keep up-to-date with new features. He has the keen eye and robust approach needed. Mill complains that his father often required more than could be expected of him, but his tasks were not so severe as to prevent him from growing up a healthy and high-spirited boy, though he was not constitutionally robust, and his pursuits were so different from those of other boys of the same age. The robust kinds resemble the Spiraeas of the Aruncus group, but are bolder, and perhaps better suited for the margin of water. No handshake for Julie; she gave each of us a robust hug. In order to be a fireman, one needs to be robust because fighting fires is a very difficult job. On the other hand, comparatively trivial incidents do more harm to a relatively delicate plant like the tobacco than to more robust plants. The wood that is used, for instance, does not need to be of the best quality as long as it is sound and robust. There are now hundreds of animal clones around the world, including cows, pigs, mice and goats, many of them appearing robust … (of a person or animal) strong and healthy, or (of an object or system) strong and unlikely to…. We want to continue to offer robust learning environments that include video, audio, text, etc. It has become a way for the company to develop a robust support database, answering real issues from real customers, constantly updated with current information.. The robust, florid and distinctly Roman rendering of the classic, which followed the refined and attenuated treatment associated with the architecture of the brothers Adam, who died in 1792 and 1794, is the last development in England which can be regarded as a national style. robust definition: 1. If hitting the gym isn't your thing, golfing, riding bikes or swimming laps will all help you stay fit and robust as you age. (10) She is too tall and robust. Meaning: ['rəʊ'bʌst /rə-] adj. 1. adjective. To all appearances Mandela, 76, is in robust health. The Spartans were happy, said the writer, because they had plenty of good, suitable clothing and lodging, robust women, and were able to meet their requirements both physical and mental. A robust hermeneutics of model design meets the criteria for supporting those phenomena. Death, him as a robust man, of middle stature, wide-lipped, and of tawny complexion. Definition of robust. rotate - rot - root - romantic - role - rocket Example sentences with the robust, a sentence example for robust, and how to make robust in sample sentence, how do I use the word robustin a sentence? It is therefore important that the chain is robust enough to ensure that the pendant watch is held securely. Examples of robust in a sentence. For Web Designers Zen Cart™ gives web designers a robust and customizable electronic storefront that 's easy to keep up-to-date with new features. It was agreed that a more robust mechanism to record all knowledge transfer activities was required. This could have to do with the robust Verizon Wireless network. impart knowledge; trestle scaffold) will be listed without additional information. Sentences Containing 'robust' Man was not made so large limbed and robust but that he must seek to narrow his world and wall in a space such as fitted him. None the less, the findings appear robust to a number of validity tests. Thankfully, the online community is very robust and you can always use your favorite search engine to look for help. strong; able to survive being used a lot and not likely to break synonym sturdy a robust piece of equipment (of a system or an organization) strong and not likely to fail or become weak But the natural vigour of the English genius resisted influences alien to itself, and showed a robust capacity for digesting the varied diet offered to it. WEAK YELLOW or ROBUST YELLOW is not inclusively disjunctive. Eremurus Aitchisonii - A fine kind from Afghanistan, where it grows on ridges of the hills nearly 12,000 feet above sea-level, bearing in June dense spikes of pale reddish flowers, robust, and on stems from 3 to 5 feet high. Robust Color: Every color, even black, seems to appear that much richer when it has the Gucci label. 544. A robust poor man, one sunny day here in Concord, praised a fellow-townsman to me, because, as he said, he was kind to the poor; meaning himself. Nearly all the golden kinds are robust and easily grown, and the bicolor group are even more so, but, speaking broadly, the delicate sulphur and white sorts are tender and unsatisfactory, except on the most favourable soils. Hard Cheese responds well to soaking in a robust white wine. datumwill review how this property has been harnessed to design a robust method for analyzing experimental chaotic data. 1. physically strong 2. marked by richness and fullness of flavor 3. strong enough to withstand or overcome intellectual challenges or adversity 4. rough and crude. (of a person or animal) strong and healthy, or (of an object or system) strong and unlikely to…. His person is in general short and robust, but devoid of the grace and flexibility of the Hindu. Easier to learn than Dreamweaver, the robust application includes many themes and plug-ins designed to give complete control and flexibility to web developers for whatever they want to create. 14 examples: Between 2005 and 2008, a robust growth in robot installations worldwide can be… robust stance that will be taken in the EU and at future trade talks. Hip-hop music is sometimes criticized for its robust depiction of violence. Use robust to describe a person or thing that is healthy and strong, or strongly built. The less robust species, such as Sphacelaria scoparia, which do not adhere well to paper, may be made to do so by brushing them over either with milk carefully skimmed, or with a liquid formed by placing isinglass (4 oz.) They were a bit like an office paper shredder, except more robust, because they were designed to mince up old plastic. While they are probably the easiest services to use in terms of interface, they also are not quite as secure or controllable as the more robust blogging platforms listed above. Marmalade and mincemeat mix with a jammy richness to make this a robust effort. Strong sentence examples. The Andorrans are a robust and well-proportioned race, of an independent spirit, simple and severe in their manners. Freemans bias was peculiar; he is really a West Saxon of Godwines time reincarnated, and his Somerset hatred of French, Scots and Mercian foreigners sets off his robust loyalty to the house of Wessex. It is hardy, and though not so robust in habit as H. fulva, it increases rapidly, and where the soil is good, might be naturalised. D. Steinberg: Model robust response surface designs: scaling two-level factorials. It is not designed for occasional wear and is very much the choice of active and busy persons looking for a watch that looks good, has great features yet is robust and will withstand extreme conditions. Hitherto the Spaniards had met only the weak islanders, or the more robust cannibal Caribs, both alike pure savages. The Japanese Maples are beautiful, but not quite robust, except in favoured districts. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. , After the war, the president had the job of turning his weakened country into a robust one. 2. adjective. , The robust flavor of garlic is quite noticeable in the spaghetti dish. Lubbock (Lord Avebury) proved it to extend over more than six months; but in larger and more robust genera (e.g. The mainstay of the Ottoman dynasty is the Asiatic portion of the empire, where the Mahommedan religion is absolutely predominant, and where the naturally vigorous and robust Turki race forms in Asia Minor a compact mass of many millions, far outnumbering any other single ethnical element and probably equalling all taken collectively. Thinner doors will be weakened by fitting mortice locks, so robust deadlocking rim locks should be used. The stock of the Thoreaus was a robust one; and in Concord the family, though never wealthy nor officially influential, was ever held in peculiar respect. They use robust in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for robust. It remained for the more robust faith of a Schliemann to show that such scepticism was all too faint-hearted, by proving that at such sites as Tiryns, Mycenae and Hissarlik evidences of a very early period of Greek civilization awaited the spade of the excavator. The robust Vario chassis cab is ideal for a huge range of jobs. A sprinter, for instance, could improve sprinting speed as the anaerobic system becomes more robust and more effective at generating energy quickly. To create an effective and healthy workplace, the administrative tower was designed as a robust loft. Learn more. Their hinder limbs are shorter than in the true kangaroos, and their fore limbs are longer and more robust, and have very strong curved and pointed claws. It is remarkable for the quaintness of the buildings and the picturesque costume of the villagers, who are of a singularly dark and robust type. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "robust" Hip-hop music is sometimes criticized for its robust depiction of violenceAmerica's economy was quite robust in the years following World War Two. These self-fabric fasteners range from teeny-tiny spaghetti straps to robust drapes of fabric that can be worn in a variety of ways. An example of robust is masonry work. While all these words mean "enjoying or indicative of good health," robust implies the opposite of all that is delicate or sickly. COST EFFECTIVE SITE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT SLR recognizes that the risk assessment process is a powerful, technically robust landfill design tool. , $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["45ba4f61-76ac-4b3d-94d4-c9019d2ebe3c"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["418b1e7b-a189-47b4-952a-43e52a926ad5"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["9b588b9a-598a-47f4-bc83-ba2fd303e5df"]); }).

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