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Welcome to the private cosmetic surgery practice of Dr. Alexandrish Karvendrish. Dr. Karvendrish and her staff are committed to delivering the highest quality cosmetic surgery results using the latest, most reliable techniques in the safest environment. Your selection of your plastic surgeon is an important personal decision and you will feel confident that Dr. Karvendrish possesses the surgical expertise and artistic sense to rejuvenate and enhance your face and body to deliver natural-looking results.

What is CO2 laser fractionated Silklase?

The CO2 laser is the most recognized and used technology for facial rejuvenation and dermatological injuries. Using the new scanner Multiscan™, we manage to fractionate the laser light generating minor points of heat that will impact gently on the skin, alternating them with healthy tissue which will help in a quick and smooth recovery.

The fractionation of laser light allows rapid regeneration of points that may last for a few hours to a few days, depending on the chosen treatment These laser points cause a contraction of the tissue and subsequent collagen remodeling, rejuvenating the overall appearance of your skin.

Silklase, treatments minimally invasive for:
  • Recover the tone of your skin, respecting its essential structure.
  • Technology based on empowerment of natural collagen.
  • Compatible with your professional life.
Recover youth of your skin respecting your natural expression

SILKLASE™ is the most advanced method for facial rejuvenation, neck, hands, neckline, and other body parts. Combine effective results with soft procedures putting at your fingertips the solutions what you need for the treatment of:

  • Photoaging.
  • facial wrinkles.
  • Dilated pores.
  • Scars: acne, stretch marks, surgical.
  • Keratoses and warts.
  • Dermatological blemishes.
  • lentigines.
  • Nevus.
  • Non-surgical blepharoplasty.
  • Eyelid remodeling.
Advantages of facial rejuvenation with Silklase fractional laser

The advantage of CO2 laser fractionation compared with other traditional CO2 laser systems, it is the time of recovery, it is usually virtually short and bearable, according to treatment.

You can make a tailored treatment plan, through of one or more sessions, thus reducing the impact of this in your lifestyle. In addition, you can complement it with some aesthetic treatments that you have carried out or are going
to do in the future.

How long is a session, and how many Are they necessary?

The duration of the session varies according to the chosen treatment;
It is usually about half an hour.

It is possible to obtain results from the first session, although its visibility will be according to each case. Your doctor will decide if more sessions are necessary, depending on the chosen treatment, your skin, and your needs.

When are the first results?

The first results are visible after the first session: you will notice a more elastic and toned skin. The results are progressive in the following months
to your last treatment, thanks to the collagen regeneration caused by the laser.

How long will last the obtained results?

SILKLASE™ fractional CO2 laser treatment It will give you practical and long-lasting results. It is possible to repeat SILKLASE™ therapies to maintain the obtained results.

This safe, effective, precise and revolutionary has been entirely developed by INTERmedic, a leading company and pioneer in applications of medical-aesthetic laser that, for more than 20 years, offers state-of-the-art solutions recognized and appreciated by medical professionals from around the world.


Doctor Alexandrish Karvendrish is an amazing person and doctor . She cares about your safety above anything. She’s very attentive to her patients and her work . My results have left me speechless . She truly has hands of gold .. I would recommend her to anyone . I have zero complaints about her and her staff .. everyone treated me very well .. plus her location is A+ . If you’re looking for a safe and beautiful work she’s the one .
I got done tummy tuck w/ MR, chin and waist lipo and breast lift with implants .. I never felt pain from my procedure..


My experience from beginning to now has been great. The fact that my Dr is a phone call away for any questions is comforting. I’m back home and she still assists with my recovery questions. Traveling to another country is nerve wrecking but Dr K makes sure everything is ran smoothly (appointments, communication with recovery house, drivers etc) Meeting Dr K- she is beautiful, genuine, honest and top of the line. I was so nervous on surgery day, her and her staff went out of their way to take such great care of me but most importantly, I felt safe!

Her bedside manner was great. The surgery facility was new, I had a beautiful private room for my overnight stay at hospital & a 24 hour nurse from Dr K.’s office that helped with all my needs throughout the night.

I can go on and on about how great my experience was pre-op and now post-op. I did months of research on Dr K- Now I can say I am a witness to all these great reviews being true. Doctor Alexandrish understands a woman’s body. My body is sculpted to perfection and I truly am a walking piece of her art.
Dr K is amazing!

Juana Rodriguez

Thank you for changing my life in a way no one else would. The appreciation is endless. God has gifted you to make us all glamorous!Thank you for making a difference. I’ll be forever grateful to have found such a compassionate and caring doctor like you!

Breast Lift with Implants

I just have to said, the best professional I’ve ever met. I got a breast lift with implants, tummy tuck and a little liposuction, the result were amazing.I look pretty natural, I can’t even tell about the scars.I’m pretty happy with my result, after 3 month now, I look better and better every day.I recommend Dr. Karvendrish 100%. Before the procedures, she made sure I was able to get them and explained to me carefully all the risks and time of recovery that was necessary to follow. After the surgery, she kept follow up my recovery until I was 100% recovered. Dr. Karvendrish is a great person, with a big heart, kind and lovely I’m more than glad and happy to have chosen her.

Slim Monti
Mommy Makeover

I had a Mommy Makeover 4 months ago, and each day my results are becoming more beautiful. Dr. Alexandrish is an amazing surgeon and her aftercare goes above and beyond. Choosing her was the best decision of my life! When I look in the mirror I get so happy because I can’t believe how amazing my body looks.

I highly recommend her! Not only does she deliver amazing results, but her patients safety comes first. I knew from the moment we first spoke how serious she is when it comes to health and safety–which means a lot. She is a Doctor that truly cares and won’t do anything to jeopardize your life.

Thank you Doctor for everything. To all future Dolls; if you choose Dr. Alexandrish you won’t regret it and I wish you all the very best.


She’s literally changed my life. Exactly how I wanted my breast to look like she made it happened. She’s super kind and attentive. My boobs look amazing! They look like i have implants but i don’t and that’s the look i was going for.I seriously recommend her to anyone!!!!


My experience with Dr Alexandrish Karvendrish was an excellent one. She made me feel very comfortable helping me lose my fears and anxiety.

She’s as down to earth as they come. I realized that many surgeons won’t see their patients until the day of surgery…that is not the case with Dr Karvendrish…not only did I see her days before but I also was sent to do a significant number of test to ensure my health was ready for major surgery. I appreciate her attention and response to my constant messages. My result are beautiful….I look natural just like I wanted. The Compliments from my love….“you look AMAZING babe” and more importantly…I feel amazing.


As soon as I discovered Dr. Karvendrish I knew I she was the surgeon for me. I had been researching for years for a surgeon to be able to give me the results I wanted. I knew she would be able to achieve exactly what I wanted. I had a breast lift with implants done. With light arm lipo. I couldn’t be happier with the results. She’s so kind and caring. She spent an hour and a half with me at the pre consult when I met her. Because I had a list of questions for her and she took the time and answered them all and didn’t rush me what so ever. She made me feel very calm. So calm the day of surgery I wasn’t even nervous. Which is crazy. I’m so so happy with the outcome and the results. She truly cares about her patients. Her staff is amazing too. Her assistant is so sweet. The experience couldn’t have gone any better.


This woman is amazing in every way you need a Doctor to be. From the beginning, middle and end she had been here for me. She’s so sweet and personable. She listened to me and WE came up with the best procedures for my body.

I ultimately decided on an circumferential abdominoplasty, breast lift with implants and lower back lift for round 1. Round 2 will consist of arm lift with lipo, upper back lift, lipo with fat transfer to hips and butt. Her bedside manner is unmatched! Everyone involved with her is amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better Doctor or experience. And she has a great sense of humor. Made me feel so secured in her care.

Dra. Alexandrish Karvendrish I can’t find the words to thank you enough for what you have given me. Every moment along this journey with you has been nothing but a breeze and nothing short of amazing! Everyone on your team is phenomenal. You guided me to the right procedures I needed to get the results I desired. The bedside manner is beyond appreciated. Even home and still recovering, you are still there for me. Thank you! Forever grateful!
Round 2 loading!


Doctor Alexandrish Karvendrish is an amazing person and doctor . She cares about your safety above anything. She’s very attentive to her patients and her work .

My results have left me speechless . She truly has hands of gold .. I would recommend her to anyone . I have zero complaints about her and her staff .. everyone treated me very well .. plus her location is A+ . If you’re looking for a safe and beautiful work she’s the one .

I got done tummy tuck w/ MR, chin and waist lipo and breast lift with implants .. I never felt pain from my procedure.

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